Social Media

Social media is the most important part of our strategy. We have over 5+ years experience in social media marketing. In comparison to other ico marketeers we have our own follower base of around 4m+ spread over multiple accounts. With good content we try to create quality engagement. This type of marketing will bring the Ico the big sales. To the right u can see some of our accounts.

Twitter accounts

ICO PPC Campaign

With PPC, you can get the most targeted visitors for your ico. PPC allows your website to be found where your target audience are in the most convertible state – search engine results pages. With good optimized ads and well targeted keywords, your website can receive good quality traffic at the least of cost to maximize ROI. 
Don’t blow your budget on a single click.  Our team have ran countless PPC campaigns. The competitiveness of PPC necessitates the need for optimized ads that stand out from competitors.

ICO Web design

Most ico’s we work with already have a great web design however some of the ico’s do not. Before we can start with Advertising for the ico we want to make sure the website is on a certain quality. We do this so that the marketing we do will lead to conversion. Advertisement is wasted if visitors turn away the instant they see your website. We have 5+ years experience in creating websites from scratch and have worked with 10s of themes in the past. We always do a website check before we start with the advertisement!


New media is running the game. We have 5 years+ experience in this type of marketing, which is why our focus is on digital PR. Our influencer outreach is designed for your ICO. ICO PR is much more than just being featured on CoinDesk or TechCrunch. Effective PR establishes a connection with your audience. Do not view public relations as a tool to simply acquire new customers, but also to strengthen loyalty among existing customers.


What does MarketMyIco offer?

MarketMyIco (MMI) is a company based around selling marketing to ICO’s. We offer marketing methods that exactly fit the ICO’s needs. We will mainly give your ICO social media exposure, since MMI owns around 4 million twitter followers, which usually get 600,000 – 1,000,000 views on an ad combined. Twitter is the main social media for crypto and is in this case very important for ICO’s. Besides that, we have a Facebook Targeting expert, who has worked at the biggest social media company in The Netherlands. He knows exactly how to spend the Facebook advertising budget to get as many leads as possible. We also offer a lot of advice, where to advertise, how to advertise and how to focus the right target groups. We also have a very big network, where we can advertise.

What does MarketMyIco not offer?

We want to make very clear that MMI does not offer the whole package. As much as we would like to, we cannot offer everything that marketing of the ICO would take. We have a few reasons for that.
Firstly, there are a few things in marketing that the ICO will need to do on it’s own in order to create a network. For example finding advertisements on websites that are crypto related. If MMI would be the one to advertise on these platforms, we are afraid that after the ICO the company would not have any contacts.
“Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for the day.
Give a man the knowledge to fish, he’ll eat forever.” We ofcourse do give advice and answer any questions on these topics. Secondly, we are a team of 5 marketing experts, if we have to fully market an ICO we would have to work too much.
Thirdly, some legal reasons do not allow us to. For example, google adsense. We have worked with google adsense in the past. As many of you might not know, advertising with the trademark of another company can be seen as “against the law”(source: