About us

Marketmyico is a relatively new company me and my partner started in june of 2017. Our history in online marketing (social media) dates back to  2011, we saw the social media hype getting bigger and bigger and said to each other that it was time to look at the possibilities. We started growing a following on twitter and began advertising for small businesses. In 2013 we started making our own websites and using our following to promote it. we also started paying other people on twitter and facebook to promote our website.This went really well and we got 20 million page views spead over all off our sites. By 2014 we had reached a following of 2 million and started to discover the world of crypto currency. At first we were bit sceptic about the future of crypto currency but in the following years it became our second passion.

Back in june the Ico hype really started to grow but what we were seeing was that alot of ico’s have great concepts but not really effective and really expensive marketing. So why not combine our two passions and do online marketing in this section. We chose to work with 3 driven students and me and David as the lead social media experts. Unlike most of the ICO advertisement groups, we own a big following on social media. On twitter, the main network for crypto in our eyes, we have a following of 4 million. These followers are spread on a few different accounts. Our biggest account has 1.2 million followers and on normals ads we can get about 600k-1million views. Our twitter age target group is around 18-32. Besides twitter, we have a  facebook targeting expert, who has worked in one of the biggest social media companies in the Netherlands. We have done advertisments online for over 100+ companies. We already have some experience with advertising ICO’s, a few ICO companies have contacted us and we gave them GREAT results.

Our mission

Our mission is to efficiently supply high-quality online marketing and continue to meet our customer’s needs.

Our Vision

The Vision of Marketmyico.com is to be the leading online marketing bureau for ico and crypto currency and to continually develop results driven promotion strategies designed to meet specific client needs. We will fulfill this Vision by having:

  • A Young Driven Team: a fresh culture that inspires young people to achieve beyond what they thought possible
  • A Collaborative Environment: always encouraging collaborative and innovative thinking to create measurable solutions for each client