We have advertised for a few ICOS so far. We have realised some great results. On this page we would like to showcase some of our breathtaking and mouth-opining results.

One of our recent ICO advertisements is, we advertised the ICO about a month and they got great results.
We have some pictures to show how many impression their tweets got and how many views their promotional video got!


We started off with posting a video about their ICO.


After a few days this was the result.
The tweet got 842.689 impression. The video got 187.931 views. Ofcourse, these are not solely crypto or ICO interested people.

An important step

Afterwards, we asked the ICO for a poster which we could post. The best strategy is to make a poster with a quote, a picture that fits the ICO and a link in the poster. Our company has done a lot of research regarding social effectiveness!
As you can see the tweet got a total of 614,729 impressions!

MOre information coming soon!